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Lava in a cup!

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Today Carlee was in delighting herself by mixing much my dismay my perfume with products like detangler and soap! I thought she is in need of a science experiment! The thought that was going through my head was if I dont come up with an experiment she can do I may not have any bathroom products left. After briefly googling science experiments I found one . Simple enough i thought, we added vegetable oil to a clear drinking glass along with a food coloring tablet and salt. The effects were pretty cool, I then made a bad decision. At the time I didnt realize the demise of my plan! I filled up some medicine cups of salt and left Carlee to experimenting on her own! A few moments later she arrived in the office showing me her new experiment . This experiment involved the whole box of baking soda, a carrrot , piece of chocolate and a strawberry. I learned my lesson stay close by when doing an experiment and always remember Carlee will usually come up with her own experiment which will involve whole boxes of what ever she can find!



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I feel like a cat chasing my own tail at times! I feel im lacking balance in my life. The scripture Proverbs 29 :18 pops into mind ,i need a vision. A friend was pointing out to me god is a god of order. If you look around his magnificent creations on earth everything is in patterns and certain order. Now i know why i feel like im in utter chaos, my life is not in a certain order flying by the seat of my pants is not working for me. Half finished projects lay in dissarray in my home. I strive to be as Christlike as possible each day. Jesus finished what he started. I admit this not proudly but humbly that I have failed to do anything with my whole heart as im doing one project im not in the moment. As im doing one thing my mind is always wandering off to what is next. Whatever you do work it with all your heart ,as working for the Lord,not for men. Colossians 3 :23. My goal is to be in the moment with all i do, to be present in whatever task is at hand,Whether it be playing with my daughter or cleaning the bathroom.

Time for a change in my life

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I feel it is time for a significant change in my life. This change is not the way i had planned for it to be! Lately I have felt the gentle tug of the holy spirit speaking softly in my life. One thing it has said is to start living and quit waiting for everything to come to you. If you want change you have to be the change. Yes i will admit countless friend and mentors have told me this all along. My flesh is very stubborn. I feel as though i have a battle going on in my soul. One side belongs to the devil and the other to jesus. This is an ongoing spiritual battle. It is time to tighten my spiritual armor for this battle . Loose fitting armor allows for space for satan to creep in. All he needs is one tiny crack. A tiny knick in my armor and he is in meddling around in my life trying to crush my spirit and speak lies to me. It is time for me to quit storing jesus in a box on my shelf collecting dust only to get him out on sundays. The box i have been keeping jesus in is being thrown away for my jesus that im coming to know and love doesnt fit in a box.Jesus doesnt fit in a box he belongs at the center of my life. Ongoing trials in my life try to snuff him out like a candle. I will not allow him to be snuffed out like candle. my prayer to jesus is for me to have spiritual discernment in all aspects of my life in all the areas so that jesus s love may shine through me!

Tonights refection

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My daughter and i enjoy playing nintendo together.Its a joy to play with her to watch her think im the greatest player.I love that she thinks im the best and most wonderful nintendo player.While watching me play she comments mom you are really good at this. We as christians need to have this awe and enthusiasm for Jesus. He is the greatest ! Jesus deserves for us to come to him like little children in awe of his greatness in all he does. As my daughter gets older i am prepared to not be the greatest in her eyes. With that being said we cannot let time pass when we dont let our saviour know he is the king on high and most valuable praised saviour in our lives. Another reflection i made while playing donkey kong was that we cant get too self absorbed in our walk with God. As i was playing i was thinking i have this game figured out so i started getting way over confident and a character jumped on me.My character died from my over confident actions of thinking i have this beat and figured out. I believe this happens or can happen in our walk with Christ. Things are going along smoothly and self kicks in and we get overly confident and satan is able to sneak up and attack when we were self absorbent. Im not saying we cant relax and know we are taken care of. Im saying we have to remember who we are confident in and who is in control of our lives. Each day we must remain on guard and in constant fellowship with our saviour. Satan is sneaky and will relish at a chance to sneak in and devour a person when they get over confident in self and look away from Christ!

tuesdays thoughts

The plans i had neatly written lastnight did not happen.Everything i mentioned to carlee to do today was met with tantrums and absolute refusal.I even at one point gave her time on the computer in an attempt to start the day over on a better foot.The attempt was unsuccessful. All she wanted to do today was watch tv,play the computer,dance and do the exact opposite of anything i asked her to do or wanted to do with her.She is growing more aggressive by the day. When things dont go her way she will just tear up what ever paper is nearby no matter what it may be.She seems to have severe complications in regulating her moods and behaviour.Nothing i do or say seem to make a difference.At this point i admit i am frustrated.It doesnt help for hubby to come home and ask what did you do all day with her?Then say she needs to be getting an education ,she has to go back to school.If he could just lay off and support me it would absolutely a miracle.I dont hav e any idea how to get my child to treat me with respect .If i cant get her father to how is she supposed to. I would love to get through homeschool with her and have a great day of learning and cooperating.sigh!

tuesdays goals

calendar time
days of the week
praise and worship
read out of magic tree house book
read about polar bears it pertains to the magic tree house book
do math incorporate polar bears into it
write first and last name
game time
lunch time
tv time
active time
that seems like a full day with cooperation it should get done but we shall see if we can have a meltdown free day!

homeschool goals

learn address and phone number
learn to dial 911/i have told her this info but will refresh her on it
write first and last name
write address
tie shoes
learn what community people do/firemen etc.
gain more dressing independence
learn selfcontrol
use words instead of anger
learn self calming techniques instead of unleashing hurricane carlee
math goals
count by 1 s 2s 5s she can already count by tens and ones
ordinal numbers to the 12th place
addition beginning
subtraction beginning
this only a partial goal list as it is getting late

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