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journey to me

I am embarking on a journey to find myself. The journey to finding me is a gutwrenching,heartbreaking and at the same time wonderful experience.One thing i have been constantly reminding myself is life evolves you never truly arrive at your destinations doorstep.T here are times when i dont arrive at my goals and i want to feel angry or bitter.Then when the emotions settle and the logic comes back only then do i realize that my journey isnt about meeting the goal. My journey is about living,loving,and experiencing life as a participant not a bystander.I have a choice to remain a bystander or be a part of the world that im meant to shine upon. I  will actively choose to not stand by as if my destiny is predetermined as if my life has a set guide with no detours.I will be the first to admit i have been caught in a trap thinking i made my bed now i have to lie in it. As my eyes are gradually opened and the rose colored lenses are shed i see the ability to walk out of darkness into light.


About carleesmom

i am a stay at home mommy to a wonderful five year old girl and wife to a wonderful man of whome i can love and be annoyed by at the same time!

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  1. Be so careful on the internet. Put on the Armor of God. Their is so much evil out there in Cyberspace. Love you and Praying you will find what you are looking for,God Bless.

  2. Another note of encouragement – don’t worry what others think or that their way is better! God has you right where HE wants you on HIS path!! Your struggles are like others as well – HE has given you discernment on this path! Keep persevering for HIM!


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