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unschooling sprinkled with some relaxed homeschooling

when i first started homeschooling my daughter i thought i would try and recreate the classroom. wow was i ever wrong.recreating the classroom only caused frustration on carlees part and mine as well. i have been doing alot of research on unschooling. my plan now is to mainly unschool but sprinkle in some unformal lesson as needed. so far it is going great. unschooling doesnt put learning in a box it is just a way of life. it allows us to live life and enjoy eachother and explore the world aroun d us together. carlee hates worksheets so it allows us to take pressure off her because normally we dont do worksheets. today she learned about dinosaurs,did role playing aka pretend play and music always because she is always singing.also she did math today.none of which had to be pryed out of her. i feel good about customizing my daughters education to fit her own individual needs. i just learned a few days ago she thinks in pictures this should help me in her unschool\homeschool!


About carleesmom

i am a stay at home mommy to a wonderful five year old girl and wife to a wonderful man of whome i can love and be annoyed by at the same time!

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  1. we did a lot of relaxed/unschool- still do, but my boys are 14,15,17- so we have High School Transcripts and the such to contend with, so it Quasi-Unschool, Child Interest Led, but Math & Research are daily requirements- usually.


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