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homeschool goals

learn address and phone number
learn to dial 911/i have told her this info but will refresh her on it
write first and last name
write address
tie shoes
learn what community people do/firemen etc.
gain more dressing independence
learn selfcontrol
use words instead of anger
learn self calming techniques instead of unleashing hurricane carlee
math goals
count by 1 s 2s 5s she can already count by tens and ones
ordinal numbers to the 12th place
addition beginning
subtraction beginning
this only a partial goal list as it is getting late


About carleesmom

i am a stay at home mommy to a wonderful five year old girl and wife to a wonderful man of whome i can love and be annoyed by at the same time!

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  1. “ordinal numbers to the 12th place”

    Maybe you could teach me this too?


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