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Time for a change in my life

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I feel it is time for a significant change in my life. This change is not the way i had planned for it to be! Lately I have felt the gentle tug of the holy spirit speaking softly in my life. One thing it has said is to start living and quit waiting for everything to come to you. If you want change you have to be the change. Yes i will admit countless friend and mentors have told me this all along. My flesh is very stubborn. I feel as though i have a battle going on in my soul. One side belongs to the devil and the other to jesus. This is an ongoing spiritual battle. It is time to tighten my spiritual armor for this battle . Loose fitting armor allows for space for satan to creep in. All he needs is one tiny crack. A tiny knick in my armor and he is in meddling around in my life trying to crush my spirit and speak lies to me. It is time for me to quit storing jesus in a box on my shelf collecting dust only to get him out on sundays. The box i have been keeping jesus in is being thrown away for my jesus that im coming to know and love doesnt fit in a box.Jesus doesnt fit in a box he belongs at the center of my life. Ongoing trials in my life try to snuff him out like a candle. I will not allow him to be snuffed out like candle. my prayer to jesus is for me to have spiritual discernment in all aspects of my life in all the areas so that jesus s love may shine through me!


About carleesmom

i am a stay at home mommy to a wonderful five year old girl and wife to a wonderful man of whome i can love and be annoyed by at the same time!

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