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Since I have had to place Carlee back into public school i thought i would store the homeschool things in this category

tuesdays thoughts

The plans i had neatly written lastnight did not happen.Everything i mentioned to carlee to do today was met with tantrums and absolute refusal.I even at one point gave her time on the computer in an attempt to start the day over on a better foot.The attempt was unsuccessful. All she wanted to do today was watch tv,play the computer,dance and do the exact opposite of anything i asked her to do or wanted to do with her.She is growing more aggressive by the day. When things dont go her way she will just tear up what ever paper is nearby no matter what it may be.She seems to have severe complications in regulating her moods and behaviour.Nothing i do or say seem to make a difference.At this point i admit i am frustrated.It doesnt help for hubby to come home and ask what did you do all day with her?Then say she needs to be getting an education ,she has to go back to school.If he could just lay off and support me it would absolutely a miracle.I dont hav e any idea how to get my child to treat me with respect .If i cant get her father to how is she supposed to. I would love to get through homeschool with her and have a great day of learning and cooperating.sigh!


tuesdays goals

calendar time
days of the week
praise and worship
read out of magic tree house book
read about polar bears it pertains to the magic tree house book
do math incorporate polar bears into it
write first and last name
game time
lunch time
tv time
active time
that seems like a full day with cooperation it should get done but we shall see if we can have a meltdown free day!

homeschool goals

learn address and phone number
learn to dial 911/i have told her this info but will refresh her on it
write first and last name
write address
tie shoes
learn what community people do/firemen etc.
gain more dressing independence
learn selfcontrol
use words instead of anger
learn self calming techniques instead of unleashing hurricane carlee
math goals
count by 1 s 2s 5s she can already count by tens and ones
ordinal numbers to the 12th place
addition beginning
subtraction beginning
this only a partial goal list as it is getting late

some new techniques im going to try

As usual im up late surfing the web,trying to find the magic potion that will make homeschooling more sucessful and less stressful for Carlee and I.I found some strategies im going to try.Here is the checklist we are going to implement starting monday.
use a timer for work if she completes the work with the alloted time she will be give n a star for each subject the stars can be turned in for various things including a treat,computer time,tv time ,weather permitting outside time etc
write her schedhule on a dry erase board or paper and let check it off as she goes

also im going to try positive behaviour on my part and hers.Its easy to get stuck into a routine of ugh this is tough she isnt cooperating just want to scream mode.I am her mom she is a blessing to me even if she does take an hour of redirecting for something that should have taken five minutes.Positive affirmations this will work out .In public school i hated not know what was going on .I love this privelege of being able to know she is okay and not being mistreated or lost on a bus til five pm. My child is one big ball of energy if taught to channel this energy into constructiveness sh e will and can be a great success in her life.After all isnt energy a big thing most of us would love to have more of.She has plenty of it .Tonight she asked me mommy do you have tons of energy like me .My response no not quite as much as you . B y teaching her that its not bad to have fire lit under her path i believe it will be today spend alot of time being sedentary im glad mine moves around.yes its frustrating at times to see her constantly fidget but bottom line is she is my child my gift from god of whom i wouldnt trade for the world on a silver platter.

unschooling sprinkled with some relaxed homeschooling

when i first started homeschooling my daughter i thought i would try and recreate the classroom. wow was i ever wrong.recreating the classroom only caused frustration on carlees part and mine as well. i have been doing alot of research on unschooling. my plan now is to mainly unschool but sprinkle in some unformal lesson as needed. so far it is going great. unschooling doesnt put learning in a box it is just a way of life. it allows us to live life and enjoy eachother and explore the world aroun d us together. carlee hates worksheets so it allows us to take pressure off her because normally we dont do worksheets. today she learned about dinosaurs,did role playing aka pretend play and music always because she is always singing.also she did math today.none of which had to be pryed out of her. i feel good about customizing my daughters education to fit her own individual needs. i just learned a few days ago she thinks in pictures this should help me in her unschool\homeschool!

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